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Complete fitness, strength, calming & yoga card collection

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Fitness, strength, co-ordination, skills, yoga & calming - its all here!!

Kids PT - Animal Walk

Kids PT - Skills

Kids PT - Fit Ball

Kids PT - Activity (Large)

Kids PT - Strength

Calming Cards

Mindful Munchkins - Yoga

A wonderful collection of cards, to cater for many different occasions, moods and needs!  The colourful pictures, explanations and carefully designed cards provide you with a vast array of activities and things to do in so many different circumstances.

If sometimes you are stuck wondering what to do, how to help build certain skills or how to help with calming, then this is just what you need!

Not only are these great for children with ASD / Autism, ADHD or anxiety, they are great for all children to learn how to be in control and stay calm when the world isn't behaving how they want.   

Suitable for ages 3 and up (with parental guidance)