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Remindables Tags - Entire Collection 86pcs + Band

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The perfect way for your child to develop their own skills and confidence!
Remindables are colourful clip-on reminder tags for your kid’s school bag to help remind them what they need to pack and what needs to come back! 

Notice we said ‘them’ and not ‘you’? That’s the whole idea! 

Got their hat? Their homework? Their lunchbox?  Remember sport tonight! I hope they don’t leave their jumper at school...again!

Remindables are a fun tool to help your kids stay organised at home and at school, leaving you with one (or seven) less things to worry about!

Our leather strap is made from bespoke Australian leather, a durable natural product. We have specifically chosen a soft 1-1.2mm leather, ensuring the strap is flexible. Our leather strap has been carefully and thoughtfully designed, and also hand crafted, ensuring time and the utmost care is placed into personally assembling each strap that is purchased.

The swivel hook allows you to easily clip the tag onto your child’s bag, making it accessible and portable so it can go wherever your child goes.

The press studs are easy for little fingers to operate, making it simple for your child to change the tags themselves.

 See the remindables in action......

Our Full Set includes 1 x leather strap and 86 different tags.

There is one each of the following tags:
Art, Beanie, Bottle, Bike, Blank, Blazer, Bus, Chewy Toy, Dance, Device, Diary, Drive Thru Pick Up, Emergency Contact, Favourite Toy, Fidget Toy, Glasses, Gym, Hat, Headphones, Holiday Care, Homework, Jacket, Jumper, Library, LOTE, Lunch Box, Lunch Order, Man, Maths, Meet Me, Medication, Music, Notices, Occupational Therapy, Outdoor Play, Outside School Care, Pencil Case, Psychology, Quiet Time, Raincoat, Reader, Sanitiser, Shoes, Show & Tell, Sleep, Snack, Spare Clothes, Speech Therapy, Spelling, Sport, Sunscreen, Swimming, Toilet, Tutoring, Two People, Umbrella, Walk, Woman

PLUS Anxiety Savers: Ask for a hug, Deep breathe, Distractions, Drink water, Engage senses, Go for a walk, Music, Talk it out, Use your hands, Water Play, Write it out, XOX Blue / Grey, XOX Dusty Pink

PLUS 7 x days of the week.

PLUS 8 x Affirmation TagsFind The Fun, Fill Someone’s Bucket, Different is Good, I am Always in your Heart, It’s ok to make mistakes, No one does better then you, Stronger / braver, You got this

Band Colours: Pink, Teal & Black