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Dancing Light

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Wireless & Sound Activated LED

🎵 Ignite your sensory space or dance floor at home with Rhythmic Beats Dancing Lights! 🌈 These innovative products aren't just a light; it's a captivating experience designed to synchronize with the beats of your child's favourite tunes.

✨ Dance to the Melody: Watch in awe as Rhythmic Beats Dancing Lights effortlessly dance along with the rhythm, creating a mesmerizing light show that mirrors the music. Turn any room into a pulsating dance space for an unforgettable experience.

🎁 The Ultimate Gift: Birthdays, sleepovers, or spontaneous dance-offs - Rhythmic Beats Dancing Lights make for the perfect gift. Wrap up the joy of dance and vibrant colours for an experience they'll remember.

🤸 Safe and Durable: Crafted with safety in mind, Rhythmic Beats Dancing Lights are durable and kid-friendly. The soft, vibrant lights create a magical atmosphere without generating heat, ensuring hours of safe and carefree play.

🌈 Expressive Light Show: With multiple color modes and customizable settings, each dance session becomes a unique, expressive performance. Illuminate the room with a spectrum of colors that match the music and mood.

🚀 Simple Setup: No complex configurations! Rhythmic Beats Dancing Lights are easy to use, right out of the box. Turn them on, sync with your device, and let the music-driven light show take center stage!

💃 Join the Dance Revolution: Unleash the power of music and motion with Rhythmic Beats Dancing Lights - where every step is a dance move and every dance becomes a visual masterpiece. Elevate ordinary moments into extraordinary memories!

Dance to the rhythm of light and sound - order your Rhythmic Beats Dancing Lights today! 🎉✨

Built in highly sensitive microphone
32 LED
8 Display Modes
4 Brightness Levels
5 Speed Levels
18 Colour Modes
Rechargeable Battery
18(L) x 1.8(W) x 1.7(D) cm
Net weight: 60g
Includes built in rechargeable battery & usb charging cord