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LCD Writing Tracing Board - with Inserts

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A fantastic literacy tool, helping to write, draw and create!

Is it a pre writing board....yes

Is it a drawing pad....yes

Is it a letter tracing board....yes

Is it a game board....yes!!!

Plus many more!!

The 10" LCD board uses an included stylus, that writes just like a pen or pencil, allowing you to write on the board in fantastic colours.  The best part, is that any mistakes are easily erased by the simple click of a button!  

While writing, you can use the lock switch, to make sure there are no accidental erasures, while creating the perfect masterpiece!

Included in the kit are 4 double sided cards, that allow you to trace your favourite picture or letters.  There is also a black insert, so it works just like a typical blank LCD board.  

We love how you can insert the different cards, so it really has multiple uses.  From the classroom, tracing letters & learning the alphabet, to the home or travel tracing pictures, playing naughts and crosses or just scribbling to pass the time in the car.

Available in 3 fantastic designs, pink, blue or orange

Total Size: 32cm x 22cm x 1.5cm

Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)