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Magnetic Fluid - Moves with Magnets

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The powder moves with the magnets, as though its attached by string!

Create your own ferrofluid with this ferromagnetic powder kit. A great gift for kids who want to see experiments in action.

Create the ferrofluid following the instructions and then watch the reaction as you move the magnets up and down the sides of the test tube, move them close to the tube and then far away and see the nanomagnets wave around as if being pulled by invisible strings.

Ferrofluid is a liquid that has become magnetized, and it’s easily made thanks to this Ferromagnetic powder and water. Mix together, shake and then use the magnet to collect your ferrofluid in the test tube. Or, if you want something you can play with outside of your test tube, then try mixing some of the powder with mineral oil in a dish so you can manipulate your ferrofluid from underneath. Watch as the liquid changes shape and pattern with the movement of your magnet.

Each test tube contains a bag of special magnetic powder and a strong magnet, so when you suspend the powder in a liquid, you can place the magnet near the tube and watch amazing 

Ferrofluid is a great way to learn about magnet fields and how they work, with a visual representation on this small scale.

Product dimensions: 14cm
Age: 8 years plus
Contents: instructions, magnets, ferromagnetic powder
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD contains small parts. This product contains small magnets that if swallowed can stick together causing serious injuries. If swallowed seek medical assistance immediately. Do not use if you have a pace maker or heart defibrillator.
Note: Do not freeze, do not leave magnets near electrical equipment, do not leave magnets attached to ferrofluid for long periods of time.

Great for kids with asd / autism, anxiety and adhd