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Numerule - Tactile, Sensory & Easy to Count Ruler

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The Numerule is an interactive, multi sensory, tactile counting ruler that is revolutionising early learning. The easy to use tactile keys, are a great visual representation and make maths so easy!  

We all wish this was around when we were younger! 

This numerule incorporates the sensory elements of touch, sight and sound in a subtle, but focussed manner. It is a terrific learning aid  ideal for kinaesthetic learning and the physically interactive nature of the Numerule makes it ideal for assisting many on the autism spectrum, those with numerical learning difficulties and many others too! 

If you are also looking for a tool to help with writing, spelling and using numbers, check out our "writing stencils", or our skill building "numbers bean bags" that you can throw and count with. 

The Numerule really is a must have for building foundational mathematics

      Available as single, 2 pack or 10 pack, or as a combo with our wooden 1cmx1cmx1cm counting blocks (100pcs)

      Not suitable for children under three years old.