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Remindables Tags - Communication Set

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The perfect way for your child to develop their own skills and confidence!
Remindables are colourful clip-on reminder tags for your kid’s school bag to help remind them what they need to pack and what needs to come back! 

Notice we said ‘them’ and not ‘you’? That’s the whole idea! 

Our Communication Set includes 12 tags & your choice of colour band:

Specifically developed for those who are nonverbal, have limited language or find verbal communication difficult in certain situations. These tags aim to help people communicate important messages to others

There is one each of the following tags:
– I need a break
– I need help
– I’m hungry
– I’m thirsty
– Can I have more?
– I need to move
– Can I have quiet?
– Can you say it again?
– I need space
– Stop / wait
– I need the toilet
– I don’t understand



We are proud to tell you that our tags are 100% Australian made and designed. Made from 100% recycled material, they are 100% tree-free and 100% recyclable. They are both durable and weather resistant. The range of colours on offer makes them easy to identify and instantly recognisable and the material ensures the tags are lightweight for your child’s bag

Note: Each tag is 35mm high x 43mm wide x 1.2mm thick.

Band Colours: Pink, Teal & Black