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Scooter Board - Core Strength, Motor Skills & Co-ordination

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Scooter boards are a great way to develop core strength, stability and motor skills.  Developing fundamental movement skills required for bilateral (one side vs the other side) co-ordination. 
If you haven't used one before, the child typically lays down on their stomach, and uses their hands to propel themselves.  They can also sit on their bottom or knees, while pulling a rope, or use poles / sticks in their hands to push themselves along. 
Lying on their stomach, while keeping their legs off the ground, activates their core, and builds strength in both their core and arms.  The 4 castor wheels, allow movement in all directions, so propelling themselves in a straight line is tricky and teaches them the effects of their actions and how to co-ordinate movement in a straight line. 
The handles on these boards are fantastic, as they allow the children to carry the boards back to the start and also are a great way to hang them on the wall when not in use! 
Size: 29cm Square
Max Weight: 80kg.