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Shoulder Bliss - Aromatherapy Heat Pack

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Your neck, shoulders and head will love this!!

This is the next generation heat pack.  The unique design, allows for the filling to always be evenly spread inside, which makes it sit more comfortably on your shoulders. 

It also means the temperature is spread more evenly, so helps maintain temperature and feels amazing! You'll forget that you are even wearing it, so can leave it on all day!

Inside is made from a special rice blend, with peppermint and lavender.  

We love that it can be used as a heat pack by placing in the microwave (only 90 seconds), or it can even be used to treat injuries by putting it in the freezer!  

It weighs nearly 1kg, so it also applies a nice amount of pressure, and for your little ones that may need some leg pressure, it could be used as a lap pad too, like a mini weighted blanket. 

Noomi products are proven reliable, durable and put a smile on your face. 

Colour: Purple on one side, green on the other side