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Tenzi - Fast & Easy Dice Game

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If you are looking for a simple, yet fun game, this is it!!

Tenzi is a fast & frenzied game, suitable for the entire family.  It's so simple to play that it's great for any ability, and the fast pace helps with co-ordination and fine motor skills by quickly and continuous picking up dice and rolling them again. 

How to play:

Each player chooses a set of dice & rolls them, you then decide which number to go with, keep rolling the remining die until all the dice show the same number.

The first to succeed yells "TENZI" and is the winner of that round.  

Other game plays are included in the pack.

Includes 40 dice (4 sets of 10)

Suitable for 1-4 players

Dice colour may vary

Great for kids with ASD/ Autism, ADHD or Anxiety.