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The Ice Cream Sundae Guide to Autism - Debby Elley & Tori Houghton

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Autism is a bit like an ice-cream sundae. There are lots of ingredients that go into it.
There are so many types of sundae glasses out there. Some are plain and simple, some are loud and proud! In fact, sundae glasses are a bit like people - we're all different. Because we all have different personalities, autism doesn't look the same in everybody.
This picture-led book uses ice-cream sundae ingredients to represent various aspects of autism such as sensory differences, special interests or rigidity of thinking, explaining the different facets of autism in a neutral way.
The reader can create their own individual 'ice cream sundae' to illustrate their personal strengths and challenges, highlighting how it makes them unique and helping to build confidence and self-awareness. It includes colourful illustrations and workbook activities to help children cement their understanding of autism.
Market: Autistic children (ages 7-11); parents and families, teachers.


Authors: Debby Elley & Tori Houghton

Book Size:
Hardback 252mm X 176mm
64 pages 
Weight: 322g