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Time Timer Wash

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Help kids learn to wash their hands for long enough. Let the Time Timer WASH help keep us all safe and healthy. 

Touchless: Begin timer by simply holding hand in front of the timer. No touching required!

Simple, Easy Steps: Breaks the handwashing process into 3 simple steps so it can easily be understood by all ages and abilities.

Safe: Reinforces 20 seconds of scrubbing for clean, germ-free hands.

Universal: Understood by all ages, this timer not only ensures clean hands, but can help curb OCD, germaphobia, and general anxiety disorder associated with washing hands and pandemic anxiety. 

Fun: Alerts and music play throughout to increase engagement and make handwashing fun. (Optional)

Convenient: The Time Timer WASH can sit on the counter or suction cup to a mirror. It also includes a nail hole so that it can be hung on a wall. 

Being clean has never been so important. The Time Timer WASH helps keep our kids and ourselves safe with a touchless, water-resistant visual timer for handwashing. Its familiar disappearing disk, with recommended duration for clean hands, gives people of all ages and abilities an easy-to-understand resource for ensuring their hands are germ-free, perfect for the classroom, the bathroom, or the kitchen.  

The Time Timer WASH times for a total of 30 seconds and breaks hand washing into three simple steps –  

  1. Soap (5 seconds),
  2. Scrub (20 seconds)
  3. Rinse (5 seconds)

It can be initiated without touching by simply holding in front of the Timer. No touching needed!  

Music and sound can be switched off and on. The sound can be used to help reinforce steps or the WASH timer can be run silently for sound sensitive environments. 

A suction cup is included with the WASH and can be placed on the bottom or back of timer for versatile placement on any mirror, glass, or nonporous surface. The WASH can also stand alone or can be hung on the wall with a screw or nail (not included).  

Requires 3 AA/1.5V batteries (not included).   Must use 1.5v alkaline batteries. Unfortunately 1.2v rechargeable batteries will not run the timer.

Product Size: (measurements without suction cup) 9cm x 9cm x 6cm