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Balance & Seat Disc - Building balance, core strength and vestibular skills.

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A versatile disc for balance exercises, or on a seat for sensory feedback!

If you are looking for something to add an extra level of balance skills into your sensory space or childs motor skill program, then you will love this.  

It's so simple, portable and easy to use.  Great for lunges, single leg and vestibular excercises, building strength and co-ordination.  

You can pump it up for more difficulty or deflate when just getting started.  It really is such a great tool to have, and easy to set for each use. 

You could also use this as a seat cushion, providing some movement while sitting on a chair, or raised height when sitting on the ground, for those with low core strength.  A good step towards sitting with crossed legs and building those core muscles. 

Pump is included!!  

This product is 34cm diameter and has dimples on one side only