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Buildzi, Tenzi, Pairzi, Slapzi & Snapzi - Game Collection

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A speed building game for 2-4 players. We love playing it as a speed game where towers are built VERTICALLY on the table/surface. This makes for fast-stacking and collapsing fun!

Tower Card BUILDZI

1.Put the BUILDZI Blocks in a pile in the centre and deal everyone one tower card (yellow/black side facing up).
2.Someone says “Go” and everyone immediately flips over their tower card at the same time (so that the multi-coloured side is revealed).
3.Everyone quickly starts grabbing blocks from the centre pile. The first player to build their tower and shout “BUILDZI” wins!
For more challenging games try building the towers on the yellow/black side. These towers are a bit trickier to build and don’t have colours to help identify the blocks!


Is a fast & frenzied game, suitable for the entire family.  It's so simple to play that it's great for any ability, and the fast pace helps with co-ordination and fine motor skills by quickly and continuous picking up dice and rolling them again. 

How to play:

Each player chooses a set of dice & rolls them, you then decide which number to go with, keep rolling the remining die until all the dice show the same number.

The first to succeed yells "TENZI" and is the winner of that round


Have to match pairs! The aim of the game is to be the first player to collect 5 pairs of the Critter Cards!

How to play:

Each player has two dice they roll until someone gets a pair, whoever rolls a pair has to then find a matching pair of Critter Cards! Once they've collected their pair of Critter Cards they pick their dice back up and keep rolling.

Each player must roll a pair on their dice before collecting a pair of Critter Cards. The first player to collect 5 pairs of Critter Cards shouts "PAIRZI" and wins the game!

In keeping with the theme of the rest of the range there are many game variations including two decks of critter cards for super-fast games or more challenging games.

Dice colour may vary

Ages: 6+ yrs

Players 2-6.


Is all about speed! Be the first to get rid of all five of your picture cards

Everyone is dealt five picture cards, which they lay out in front of themselves. The deck of clue cards is then placed in the center, face down


1. Any player flips over the top clue card and places it in the center.

2. Everybody quickly looks at his/her picture cards (both front and back) to find a picture that fits the clue card. (For example, if the clue card reads, “It’s round” players could slap down a picture of a Basketball, the Moon, a Coin, etc.)

3. The first player to slap one of his/her picture cards on top of the clue card gets to discard that picture card.

4. A new clue card is flipped over and play continues.

5. The first player to get rid of all five of his/her picture cards wins the game!  (That should get you going. And below are a few more things to keep in mind.)

Snapzi is an extension pack of cards for the slapzi game.  So if you are looking for extra game play, with more fun, then the combo is perfect for you!

se with ASD/ Autism, ADHD or Anxiety.