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Colourful Learning - Complete Set Bundle!!

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We've put all the amazing Colourful Learning products together in 1 kit!!

Includes: Level 1, Level 2, Times Table & Durable Desk Mat

Sight Words level one teaches the 100 most frequently used words in the English language. A Fun, Hands On Learning Game for Teaching how to Read, Write and Spell.

Sight Words level two expands vocabulary and the ability to read and write efficiently. An extension of Sight Words Level one

Learning the times tables has never been so easy! A fun and innovative game that enables children to learn the times tables…even on their own!

    And the double sided, durable, A4 desk mat is the perfect size for any desk and features a useful times tables poster and multiplication grid. The grid allows students to find patterns within the tables, making them easier to learn and recall.

    Level One - Complete Box

    Level Two - Complete Box

    Times Table - Complete Box

    A4 Times Table Mat.