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"Grippies" - 5 x Superhero Pencil Grips

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  •  Improve strength and skill
  • Corrects finger position
  • Easy to install and use
  • 5 types - suits LH and RH
  • Make writing fun!

Meet our superhero friends "Grippies".  Is it a bird, is it a it's super Grippie!!  Not only are they right there when you need them, but they also fight off bad habits (wham...whack....bang) and keep you safe n strong ready for the glorious learning road ahead.

Grippies are great at correcting finger position on pencils, improving skills and strength while making writing fun!  The 5 types ensure that you can find one that's comfortable and easy to use.

Pencil grips are recommended by OT's, teachers and other professionals to ensure correct grip, which is a critical function of writing technique.  Get it right the first time and ensure Grippies are a part of your collection.

While working on your finger grip, remember to look into our highly sought after writing & spelling stencils, or even pair with the learning friendly LCD writing board


5 x superhero Grippies pencil grips
1 x superhero fun (byo imagination)
Please specify which colour pack you'd like when ordering.  Don't worry, our superheros still work the same, no matter which colour disguise they are wearing!

Pack "A" (Qty 5) = Purple, light blue, orange, pink, dark blue
Pack "B" (Qty 5) = Aqua, red, green, purple, yellow

Not suitable for children under 3 yrs.