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Lightning Touch Plasma Ball - Touch the ball for amazing light show

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Create the unique lightning in a ball effect at home!
Commonly known as plasma balls, these touch sensitive balls are drawn to your fingers, so the tiny "lightning" occuring inside looks like it's touching your fingers!  The effect is amazing and really does create a unique interaction experience. 
If you are looking for something extra special, unique and sure to intrigue, then this is a great addition for any calming sensory space, or in the bedroom, especially for those with Autism / ASD, adhd or anxiety. 
The fascination around the device and how it's drawn to your touch, encourages movement, finger placement and of course curiosity in how it works and why.  
This particular version has been specifically chosen as it is around 200mm diameter, so large enough to get your whole hand on, and really be able to see the intense detail of each light show. 
20(L) x 20(W) x 29(H) cm
Includes 12v DC adaptor