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Lycra Tunnel

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Lycra tunnels are 3 metres of absolute fun! 

The resistance of the tunnel can provide proprioceptive feedback and help children develop and/or practice their co-ordination, motor skills, body awareness and core body strength.  

Medium resistance can be achieved by a child crawling through by themselves, while a heavy resistance load can be experienced when a child pushes a 55cm ball through the tunnel.  

Use them on flat ground, or for an extra challenge, add pillows, doonas and blankets underneath!  Children loves going through forwards, backwards or sideways and many children love to stop in the middle and just chill (great deep pressure when they are positioned correctly here)!

There are 4 large handles at each end for other children or adults to hold while another child is going through the tunnel.  Or you can attach the handles to sturdy furniture etc so now adult assistance is required. 

Available in Royal Blue Only. 

Australian made, using high quality lycra