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No Mess Slime - Candy Crunch

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You haven't felt slime like the amazing Scoopi slimes!

This slime is so sweet it will give you a sugar rush! Candy Crunch is a super crackly and crunchy floam topped with the sweetest sprinkles.

Please note: Colours may mix in transit. Actual colour may slightly vary due to computer setting/lighting.

We also sell slime activator to prolong the life of the slime.  If you feel that the slime is not behaving as it was when new, then mix the activator through (by a parent). 


Note: Slimes do have a limited life, so they won't last forever.  Best bet is to make the most of it while new!

Texture: floam

Slime scent: candy

Colour: turquoise

Size: 8oz (225g)

      Ages: 7+