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On & off Switch Light

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A night light or a decide!!

These are an awesome night light, addition to a sensory space or for the desk!  The whole light rocks either on or off, with a simple touch.  Turning the light on or off!!

Turning it on and off helps keep you occupied, fidgeting and keeps busy hands moving! 

Also works great as a lamp on a bedside table, so it's easy to reach over and just tip it to the on position so you have some light.  Due to it's large size, you can't miss it! 

Best part is, it's battery operated, but charged via USB.  So you can literally take it anywhere with you.  Has 2 brightness settings and the lamps are available as white light or warm yellow light.  

** Note the size below (they are bigger than you think!!):

19cm Long x 9cm Wide x 7cm High