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Monsters Plush Ball Jellies

Original price $7.95 - Original price $29.95
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$7.95 - $29.95
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Soft, furry & squishy!!!

These plush soft monsters, have jelly inside that pops out when you squeeze!

We love how they really are calming & relaxing!  Perfect for those looking for a simple way to help with self regulation.

We just love these for there wonderful soft squishy feeling and multi sensory experience!


Note: These are not indestructible.  While we hope they'll last a long time, this is very dependant on the use and force applied.  If they are treated with respect, they'll show some back by lasting longer!  

      Not suitable for children under three years old

       Perfect for those with ASD/ Autism, ADHD or Anxiety, or just anyway who likes to sit there spinning to keep occupied!