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Sensory / Anxiety Weighted Heat Pack

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What better way to get a hug and sensory regulation than your very own weighted aromatherapy weighted heat pack!  

Just throw the whole thing in the microwave, heat it up and let the wonderful aromatic smells fill your senses, and the heat / weight combination create the ultimate sensory experience.  This is just amazing for those with austism / asd, adhd or anxiety and in need of that compression to help calm

Don't like want it hot in summer, no problems, put it in the freezer!! 

We absolutely love the ability for it to be used on the lap, lying down in bed / couch or around your shoulders.  It even has velcro to attach as a sash to wear around!  Very helpful for those that like to move and not sit still, yet still get that weighted feeling to help regulate. 

Want to keep it clean - no problem!  Just un-zip, remove the weighted insert and gentle machine wash the plush outer!  (Please try to avoid wetting the inner weighted insert)

Polyester outer plush

Rice, lavender & peppermint fill

Weight: 2kg

Dimensions: L112 x W31 x H14cm